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Cours de français aux parents du CSAP

Cours de français aux parents du CSAP

Cours de français, langue seconde, offert aux parents afin d'accompagner leur(s) enfant(s) dans les premières années d'école ou de garderie.
Niveau débutant, le parent apprendra des notions de base et du vocabulaire pour aider son enfant avec les devoirs,  les activités et l'appuyer avec 
son apprentissage de la langue française.

French course to CSAP parents

French, as a second language course, offered to parents in order to accompany their child(ren)in the first years of school or daycare.  
At the beginner level, the parent will learn basic notions and vocabulary to help their child with homework, activities and to support them with their learning of the French language.

Formation en groupe - in group

Un soir par semaine
One evening per week

21 semaines
21 weeks

En Zoom ou
en salle de classe

With Zoom or in classroom


Horaire des cours - schedule

Période d'inscription : 20 au 30 septembre. 
 Registration period : September 20th to 30th.

Témoignages - Testimonials

Maman Martine

Since taking this course I am able to read more with my boys and I am understanding what I am reading. Spelling words are easier to pronounce and there is less kind laughter at me from my boys.

Papa James

Since starting this French class I have been able to support my wife in speaking to our children in French, which is helping to encourage them both to practice what they are learning at school.

Grand-maman Anita

I have really enjoyed this course. I can now read stories and sing songs with my granddaughter in french. We have a lot of fun with it because we are learning together and she loves playing teacher and assigning homework. She even made a chart so when my homework is completed I can get is signed!
I have been able to communicate with my son-in-law's family in Africa who only speak french and it has been wonderful to have a basic conversation with them. Even my husband has been learning some french words and phases. I can read schoolwork and progress reports, and hopefully, post covid be able to attend and follow school events.
It has been invaluable to me because for so long I have wanted to learn the language and having my granddaughter in a french school was very motivating for me. We have been able to connect at home using both official languages of our Country Canada. I am so grateful for the opportunity to participate in this course.

Les formatrices parfaites - Perfect instructors

Sylvie Cormier
Marie-Claude Huot
Denise C. Desautels
Diane Racette
Solène Giudicelli
Bev Hugli

Une question ou un commentaire, il me fera plaisir d'y répondre. Question or comment, I will be happy to answer you.

Shirley Vigneault

Directrice générale
Executive director
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