Family literacy

Welcome to Family Literacy

The Family Literacy offers free workshops for parents and their child(ren) ages 3-6.
Each workshop is offered online or in the classroom and lasts one hour.

Objectives: Improving adult parenting skills 
and the importance of early reading at home.

Our values

Encourage good family relationships
The parent as the first educator of his child
Every opportunity becomes an educational activity
A healthy mind in a healthy body

Each workshop offers educational activities...


A story for children is presented by the animator


A discovery is presented to add vocabulary and general knowledge

Infos to parents

Tips for encouraging good parenting skills at home


To promote rhythm, vocabulary and culture

2 programs

Families can register at any time during the year.

Families can register at any time during the year.



Ma fille est plus disposée à parler en français et est plus à l'aise à l'école chaque jour. 
Nous apprécions vraiment ces ateliers et prévoyons de continuer.


This program is a chance for my child to practice her oral French skills. Very helpful and very unique in Nova Scotia. She can read and excited for more.


We love your classes and Annabelle has really branched out both in speaking French and cooking! It’s wonderful to watch:) Raina is also really enjoying the class and is especially excited to sing the songs and listen to the stories, so many thanks for your hard work!

Statistics : September 2021 to June 30, 2022

161 workshops

230 families

239 parents

400 children

Golden employees

Kendra Nickerson

Provincial Coordinator

Maéva LePape

Do you have any question or comment?
Kendra Nickerson
Provincial Coordinator
Alpha Literacy
(902) 648-0501
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