• Family Literacy

    "Thanks to the workshops, there is better communication in my family. Maeva is very loved by the children. She knows how to create a bond of friendship and trust, even from a distance." Mom Sultana
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  • French courses to CSAP parents

    "Not only am I speaking more French at home, but both my kids are speaking more French at home too. Hopefully one day, it will be the dominant language in our home. " Mom Cindy
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  • Community literacy

    Community literacy offers French language courses to Acadian and Francophone adults. Conversation, grammar, reading and culture are used in our classes. This program allows parents to accompany their young children in their school education. Parents will easily learn the basics of the French language. Each group meets one evening per week for 20 weeks.
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  • Computer course

    "By attending the computer class I learned how to use paypal, things about my emails that make life easier. I didn't use my laptop much but now I can use it more easily and with more confidence." Ms. Annette
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  • Up skills for work

    "The Workplace Skills training has allowed me to learn new information that will serve me well in my job, but it also allows me to grow and find pleasure in an inclusive and diverse environment where I can express myself in my Acadian / French language." Ms. Patsy
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  • Distant learning

    "It's a good change for me to learn new things on the computer and improve my knowledge of the French language. It makes me feel more confident. I feel accepted even with my disability." Ms. Doreen
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Équipe d'alpha offers French adult literacy and skills programs throughout Nova Scotia.

All programs are FREE and are offered in person or online.
7 programs to better serve you

Family Literacy

Family literacy offers a series of free workshops for Acadian and Francophone families with young children.
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French course to CSAP parents

The program, I speak French with my child, allows parents to accompany their young child in their school education.
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Community Literacy

Community literacy offers basic reading, writing, conversation and math skills for a GED or return to school.
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Computer course

Computer classes offer adults an introduction to computers, the Internet and other technologies.
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Senior impact

Digital training for seniors with unique needs to improve their social inclusion.
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Up Skills for work

A training that offers 10 workplace concepts in 10 interesting and participative small group workshops.
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DistanCE learning

Distance learning offers free, self-paced courses that are accessible to all. More than 30 courses available: French grammar, basic math and computer security.
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